THE WISDOM OF THE ROAD GODS – by Boris Milhailovic

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In this, his third – and if there’s any justice on this earth, final – book, he once again takes you into his world of vehicular savagery, ultraviolence, rampant tequila freebasing, mindless thuggery, and some awfully gentle introspection, with such raw, unvarnished honesty, you would be fully justified in referring him to the police after page 32. Or chucking the fucken book into the bin after page 28. What does he care? Just stop reading this shit and hand over your money so he can finally afford to get his “I fuck fat chicks” tattoo removed.

Go on. You owe it to yourself. And to all the poor, huddled masses yearning to be free. Don’t forget them. Oh, and puppies.

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3 reviews for THE WISDOM OF THE ROAD GODS – by Boris Milhailovic

  1. Leigh (verified owner)

    This is in the top three funniest books I have on my shelves. Top three because I have the previous two by Boris as well.
    They are stories from a time before we gave up, when you could still do outrageous things in the name of fun.
    The second part is an incredible ride that is part travelogue, part history lesson and part atonement for the sins of youth.

    Masterfully written by an author clearly at the top of his game.

  2. Doug (verified owner)

    Boris,I just finished your book about an hour ago and just wanted to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    End to end it is a superb read,one I have no doubt you are proud of. And rightfully so.

    Never have I wanted to visit the parts of Europe you traversed more than I do after reading this novel. Your descriptions of the countryside had me captivated page after page.

    I welled up a few times. Once with your reconnection with Whitey and his sad passing.
    And any man that wasn’t left with an extremely dusty room when you went to your Fathers resting place I feel would need to be checked for a pulse.

    Thankyou for such brutally honest read. Part history lesson,part lesson in morals,honour and the importance of family roots.

    Bravo,mate. The book was a journey that will stay with me forever.
    I can’t wait until my Son’s are old enough to read and comprehend your words.

    Thanks again.

  3. Michelle (verified owner)

    What a journey this book will take you on. Enjoyed every funny and heart felt moment. lf history was presented this way at school l would have taken far more interest. Not just a bad ass tale, but an open and honest account of Boris’s heritage as he takes a ride through Europe.

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